How to create an aesthetic and resistant house elevation?

Renovation of the outer elevation is usually a big task. Not only weather circumstances ought to be taken into account, but also the look is important. How to bring together these two aspects and what techniqUE to use to achieve it?
Firstly, the material applied ought to be impervious to the ultraviolet radiation, since it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Secondly, it has to be hydrophobic so there is no necessity to clean it of pollution. All these aspects are fulfilled while applying silicone render. Because of its wonderful resistance to other weather conditions (heat, rain) it is frequently used as an outermost, final coat on the outside walls. Its layer has often only a few millimetres. Big advantage of this material is its permeability, which prevents the vapour condensation inside. What is more, the coat will not fracture thus it is long-lasting. Apart from all technical issues, silicone render has also good appearance as a finishing layer. It is available in different tints, so everybody can choose a proper one. Another desirable trait is the fact that it does not need to be painted after drying, for the reason that it has a dye included.

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Ultraviolet resistance assures the long longevity of the colour – it will not become pale.


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silicone render

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Using this Kind of material is easy and ensures that the effect will be satisfying. It can play a decorative function as well as serve a protecting purpose.

Naturally, it is important to prepare the surface before coating it with the use of this sort of render. This will assure the appropriate adhesion and the sustainability of the outer plaster.