An electronic medication dispenser – a drug device that will deal with your regularity problems

Based on the experience of many patients all over world, an electronic medication dispenser that manages the correct medication intake may have a direct consequence on the patient’s treatment effectiveness due to the consistency of assuming drugs.


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Not to mention, there are also the smaller medicine costs by decreasing undesirable and useless therapy prolongation.

As to guarantee the effective use of medicines during the day (normally: morning, noon, evening and night) various patients and their members of family who assume medicines emploi usual plastic medicine dispensers. Today, modern electronic drug devices are accessible on the market. The electronic drug dispenser has an electronic device (a timer with a pulsating or visual signal) which is connected to a packaging containing medications. Due to the electronic device, the patient is always alerted at the precise moment about the need of assuming drug, what importantly reduces forgetting about taking the drug, and thus increments the effectiveness of the therapy. Moreover, when the patient, regardless of the alarm, does not assume the medication, the drug device will constantly remind to take it as long as it will not be validated on the dispenser.

An electronic medication dispenser will provide a sense of safety when taking care of kids or elder parents and will help reducing the health hazards of taking medicament at inappropriate times or against the doctor’s recommendation!
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