How Time Tracking Software Can Put Your Creative Agency in Order?

Creative agencies often struggle with problem of time management. As they get numbers of orders, it becomes very hard to keep up to deadlines and control the budget.

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Autor: EU-OSHA

Prioritiation problem

“We have 3 projects to do at the same time. Where to start? What to do first?” this is the one of most common doubts in agencies. People are scared of exceeding the deadline or budget, because they know it will irritate clients. And client who doesn’t like us, will never come back to us, a fortiori will not recommend us to others.

How to priotize projects?

To do it right, you should know how much time the particular tasks can take, how many tasks is inside one projects and who of your employees will accomplish each task faster and better. When your agency doesn’t track time, all those needed data remains guessing and conjectures. But to accomplish project on time and fit in budget, you aboslutly can not guess as you will probably fail. Using time tracking software in your agency you will have clear report about how time is distributed how long particluar tasks takes, who works a lot, who works less, who is mostly able to do certain jobs.

Time data help you estimate time and budget

Using time tracking software you will have always quick access to most detailed time data. You can use to predict time and costs of working at project, to ascribe particular people to particular task, to measure productivity and efficiency of team, to monitore progress. You can also show those reports to your clients. It will make you more trustworthy and you will gain good opinion.

Time tracking doesn’t hurt

Many people are affraid of implementation of time tracking software from timecamp because they think about it as of monitroing or even spying system. But time tracking is in fact a big help for your savings both in time and money area. Don’t be affraid of time tracking start using it today and feel a postive change in your workflow, productivity, income and business relations.