Depopulation in the Republic of Poland and its influence on the real estate market – opportunities and endangerments

In the republic of Poland we have got a very low birth rate, furthermore lots of young Poles leave their amall towns to live in huge cities, mostly because of the lack of work in their home villages and towns. This situationhas a very big influence on real estate market in the Republic of poland.

Depopulation in the Republic of Poland has begun in the late 90-s, when the material position of a large number of families grow up and then in 2004, when the Republic of Poland acceded the European Union and the foreign markets have opened for the Polish people. Many of them have emigrated to the western countries of Europe, especially to England, Scotland and Irleand. Besides many young people wanted to have higher education, so they have gone to huge academic cities and after finishing it they just stayed there. They left their parents and home towns, which have increased cultural and demographic languishment of these societies.

in tjese days there are many houses for sale in villages and in little towns and the praises are very nice. If we need a season or year-round prperty in a interesting village real estate in Poland will be a fantastic choice. In the Global Web we may find a lot of information about abandoned homes or a fine property for sale Poland have a lot of them; read more here.

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Autor: Randen Pederson

Surprisingly what is a horrible situation for one part of society – depopulation of their small town, huge economical emigration to the huge cities and rare visit of their relatives, for another part of society may be a brilliant possibility – buying a house in with nice surroundings, meeting new friends, taking a part in the town events. The real estate in Poland is huge and we may find an appropriate property for sale Poland and their small towns are look outstanding, specially in spring, when everything around us is juicily green.


Depopulation is a tragic trend for country, nevertheless it is as well a opportunity for people who need to have got a great house in a calm space or just for those who want to buy a house or a flat to rent or just as an financial safety for the next years.